September’s Opportunities To Help The Poor Broaden

Great things are happening and your donations are making a huge impact.

Thank you to all of you who have given of your time and money to support our efforts to: “TO PROVIDE HOME REPAIR SERVICES TO LOW INCOME HOME OWNERS AT LITTLE OR NO COST”

There is plenty of concerns that this world faces everyday and plenty of reasons to be working hard to insure survival. As a charity we are dependent on donations but we do take on “for pay” projects to keep our bank balances at levels which allow us to fulfill our mission.

I was so thankful for the support of one World War II US Navy veteran who employed us last week.  At 91 years old he is still maintaining in his own home and is basically self sufficient. As we followed his lead and accomplished the tasks needed to make him happy I was reminded of how much this man had done for our country and at this point in his life how we should be giving him whatever he wants. However, his concern was to make a good showing and keep his neighborhood  vital for the rest of the community and insure blight does not creep into his district. He is proud to be able to pay his own way and encourages everyone to work to that end.

After several days of asking me how much he owed, I explained what we do and what our mission is. I said, “you owe us nothing but we will accept a contribution to keep our charity going”. To that he reached into his pocket and took out some bills and gave them to me. He asked if that was enough. I said, “it is more than enough”.  As I thanked him and started out he asked me to wait. He was gone for some time but came back and handed me more bills and said, “this is for you”. He almost brought me to tears. I told him I take no money for myself but would share some of the extra gift with the helpers and use the rest to help others along with his initial contribution. To pay it forward. I also keep him informed on what each dollar of his contribution is doing to help

His donation has been sufficient to buy materials and supplies to complete another milestone for a veteran’s project who is in need of an exterior door and installation. Secondly, to help a young couple who have a water line break on their side of the water meter and to buy plumbing supplies to drain an elderly women’s washing machine into the house plumbing  instead of out on the ground through a hole in the side wall of the laundry room. This will clear a code violation and derail a fine. And there is some money left to do more. Without the free labor provided by HPLA for those in need and without the generosity of this World War II veteran the cost to dig a six foot hole for the water line break would have eaten away almost all the donation.

The labor for all is this work is donated by HPLA and the volunteers who support us. On some occasions, such as these where, ‘for pay’ services are provided; volunteers are given token amounts of money to defer their travel or food expenses. This billing is done via a Kansas Sub Chapter S Corporation and all the remaining proceeds are donated back to Habitaciones Para Latinos Association. (No pay goes to HPLA staffers or Corporate executives).

As the cooler days of autumn and the cold days of winter approach our area it will be vital to keep heat systems operating. To keep hot water heaters providing sanitation and warm therapeutic baths to sore muscules and achy bones.  To keep windows operating to keep out the cold and to insulate cracks and crevasses in these older homes.

Please use the donate button on the banner or the ‘contact us’ form to get our mailing address to mail us your checks. We remain very grateful and ask God to Bless you going forward.

Robert “Bob” Flores
Habitaciones Para Latinos Association

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