The Final Four for 2017 is Set

As this years NCAA college basketball tournaments have narrowed down to the final four  it is not surprising to see some teams in the running. What is great is that there are teams in the running  that no one could imagine would be here. South Carolina. WHAT???? Oregon Ducks , really? The University of Kansas let a lot of folks down here in Kansas but, there is no doubt that Oregon and South Carolina earned the opportunity to win it all.  I love basketball at this stage of the annual competition. It is amazing to start a project and work hard to end up with a successful program or a successful project.

At HPLA we work hard everyday to win. We do that by providing a hand out and leg up up to folks who might not ever have an opportunity to win.

We service low income homeowners who, through “no fault of their own”  have become victims of their own environment. Today I saw Yolanda. She bought her own house. Her first. She maintained it as best she could. But the house next door has impinged on her by allowing a tree on their property to grow so big it has  damaged her house. That other property has now been abandoned by its owners. She is upside down on her maintenance cost and will lose everything to move. What the “Heck?”. How does this happen? “There is a sucker born every minute.”

A reasonable buyer or reasonable real estate agent representing the seller should have never let this deal go through. The property should have been condemned to start but Yolanda is doomed.

So the tenant (Yolanda) is having to survive due to lack of resources to move forward. Habitaciones Para Latinos Association  is trying to help. We are applying band aids to keep the house livable and yet advising the tenet to get out asap. Rain is coming in and the supporting walls are suspect. The foundation is deteriorating. The property is losing value. Any investment in the property is to pour money into a bottomless pit with no chance to recover. What can be done to save bankruptcy.   Nothing. Nothing. Nothing. Best case is to try and buy time and live in the house. HPLA will patch the roof. We will shore up the foundation and we will advise the client to get out asap. YOUR DONATIONS BUY THESE FOLKS TIME.

Please give. Hit the donate button now. One dollar does amazing things when coupled with a hundred other DONATED dollars.

No donation goes to do anything but help the needy. No overhead is paid for with your donation. Only direct benefits to clients who qualify will benefit from your donation..

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