Opening Day at the “K”- America’s favorite past time 2018 season gets started today in KC

Baseball. What a wonderful institution this game has been all these years. I personally don’t know of anyone that does not have a favorite baseball team. Kansas City is no doubt a baseball town. We are proud to have the Kansas City Royals reside here in our metro. Although the Kansas City Royals officially reside on the Missouri side of the Metro we still claim the Royals on the Kansas side as our team.  In a large percentage of Kansas City the dividing line between the two states is one street called Stateline which has Missouri business and residents on one side and Kansas businesses and residents on the other side of the street. To improve safety, when an emergency occurs on Stateline, both Kansas and Missouri first responders react. Very creative and responsible use of resources. In times past Missouri responders might arrive on scene only to realize it was on the Kansas side of the street and the process slowed until Kansas responders arrived.  No more of that. Hooray.

With all the wonderful history and wonderful heritage of Kansas City, like many other river side cities, Kansas City is going through the evolution  of bringing business back to the intercity. Long standing empty buildings are being renovated and loft style apartments are going in. Old federal building which were replaced by new building are being used for housing as well. And the neighborhoods of the avarice which had become decrepit are being revitalized and rehabilitated. The craftsmanship revealed.

As all these changes take place the demographics change and the location of the have’s and have not start coming full circle. The rivers edge will once again become a vital source to transportation and commerce. The home of the most wealthy. In total it will be a 200 year cycle (approx.) but society and our American culture & norms will remain. We can all agree that we love our county and only want the best for all with a level playing field for us all.

For HPLA the winds of change take some folks out of harms way and bring others in. We have been able to help many clients going through transition both up and down in their mobility. We can do it through you and your faith in our organization. Donations are coming slow but steady and we are now able to start the design work for a shower enclosure for an elderly couple that only has an old cast iron tub to work with. Updates will be provided to you and again these tremendous opportunities to help people that are hurting are only possible with your help to provide the materials & supplies. We celebrate the successes and work hard to overcome and support those who are failing. Most of which, might be failing through  no fault of their own. And we celebrate the sacrifice of our volunteers whose labor embellishes your gifts and make our work possible. May God Richly Bless them. This couple we are helping now have lived here all their lives and contributed greatly to the economy only to find there home going down faster than they can keep it up There ability to pay for increased cost of living impossible. There are to many hard working folks who will out live their savings and their income. Every month we at HPLA can keep these folks in  their home is one more month of dignity and one less month living on medicaid. These folks will be here, in their home, for many more months and be able to stay clean and healthy too.

So as we see additions in the inner city such as the Negro League Museum and add street cars like those of yesteryear. As we bring high tech industry and jobs back to downtown there are transitions happening and some folks losing jobs struggling until they can reload their resources to catch up and need our help. There are those whose neighborhoods are needing to be renewed and the governments are demanding properties be kept up or better yet renewed to meet the demands of the winds of change and to draw more businesses. Property values will go up and those Seniors who can keep going will have more money to sustain themselves without your assistance. Win Win. But there will be times when just a little help will payback exponentially. God Bless You and please give via our donate page.

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