Chair Lifts & Home Alone

Chair lifts & home alone.
As the oldest of the baby boomer generation reach their final years the smart service and product producers of the world work to cash in. The opportunity to keep this generation in their home and independent for as long as possible is a win-win for all of us.  Helping facilitate stairs is BIG. However, In a recent call to HPLA, a senior citizens’ chair lift went dead. Unable to get to the front door to unlock it, became the first step in a critical situation.Secondly, the cost of the service call and the price of replacement batteries from the service company totaled $299.00. Wow.
But, even with the ability to pay the bill how does this individual get them in the house without breaking down the door. “HPLA to the rescue”. Since the client had an exterior pad for the garage door installed our volunteer was able to get access through the garage. Fortunately the door from the garage into the house was unlocked. That would have been an easier door to break down worst case but it was open.
Through your contributions HPLA was able to remove the old batteries, buy new batteries and re-install them properly to get our client safe,secure and independent once again.
This was all done at no cost to the homeowner who is a widow of a retired Navy Veteran. With all the benefits allowed her she still falls below the HUD low income level. Even with the home paid in full it is difficult to find resources to pay for all the services necessary to sustain the basic physiological needs of these individuals.
As you are moved to share your resources for those in need in your community please remember HPLA. We have no paid employees and all your donations go to buy materials and supplies to help individuals like this one. All labor is provided by volunteers. (Note: Some projects must to be provided by license contractors and paid for by HPLA) But, no employee or board member benefits from these projects.
Finally, thank you for reading our news for today. We remember the Billy Graham Family with our thoughts and prayers this week. We remember our countries leaders. We pray that God would bless you and our country. 
Please donate so we can keep helping others.

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