2021 Time to Thin The Herd

The American Dream may still be alive and well but, it is reserved for a select few. If 2020 has taught us anything, it is that not all of us can be our own boss. (Business is a very risky business and bankruptcy an alternative for failure).

The requirements “to be your own boss” have now been reserved for those who can create and or attain a variety of skills which no one individual can generally attain. It will thus require a team made up of several leaders none of which will have total control. I’ll explain what I mean by suggesting that the line in the sand between the “haves” and the “have not” has moved to such a place where it is almost invisible to the multitude trying to reach it. The idea of one person directing a business requires he/she be a demon feared by all. “A dictator”. The idea of reaching down to the working class for support is not an option so the divide widens.

The foundation by which good business acumen is based has been compromised by a new age of thinking such that the new concept will need to be argued, manipulated and approved by the majority going forward. Until then it will require a very sincere cooperation between team members from different demographics, different cultures, which must work together, trust each other and be faithful to one another. That is a tall order given the stress each one of us is facing and the distrust the world has created between races and individuals. Not to mention the unforeseen dangers impinging on us.

Sadly another problem is the “value” of our own abilities is now very short lived. Even working with a great team; technology, changing demographics/norms are accelerating at hyper speed creating a wider divide and much harder to keep up with. The “have nots” do not have the resources to compete and the value of their input will be unrecognized from their lowly perch. The resulting circumstances will be for those being left behind to do all they can to survive at any cost. Yes, any cost. As the weakest of the herd is left to be devoured so to will be the weakest link in the human chain. Those who can not keep up will succumb, especially, when no one is left to protect them. The age of retirement is getting smaller and smaller with no survival benefits a possibility.

The history of some global societies suggest that societies have tried to be respectful of the weakest links. In some cases drastic measures are taken to minimize the costs on the rest of the clan. No need to get descriptive because knowing that I reach a highly intelligent audience, I know, you can imagine the weakest links in our society and what we do with them. Grandpas at 95 on Medicaid with no known blood relatives is left sedated with no means to sustain his own worn body & will soon die of starvation.

Poverty is growing in the richest county in the world and impacting every culture. The number of those whose inability to compete and produce, forces them out of high paying jobs and that group is growing. The ability to acquire the basic resources to stay in the game is getting harder and more expensive. Imagine having to work from home and not having internet service. Imagine being asked to be available 24/7 for double your pay but, you have no phone or car. Imagine the team leader saying your knowledge and ability to fulfill the mission is suspect because you can’t get access to the market place or associate with the secret societies which control the industry. Those privileged characters all hang out at the “members only” gymnasium which your expense account doesn’t cover but theirs does.

The American herd itself is getting weak and therein lies the rub. The weakness of the herd is due to the elimination of the mature and the wise. The experience that sees the macro economy, the global economy and has the ability to control and influence the position of the herd is being excluded. The ability to work together as a team to defend and sustain the herd, the entire herd, from any harm or premature death may be lost to the new acumen. No way to be nurturing and caring for the least expendable until there comes the time where there is no sign of life. Now we can label them the weakest link and leave them behind.

The cattle herder on the range is asked to cut out the finest calf to be prepared for a celebratory feast. It is a costly sacrifice but justified. You and I are being asked to cut out the folks in our society that may be hurting through no fault of their own. To leave them to themselves or to their loved ones to care for until they can’t do it anymore and then we let them die. Is this the view of the new acumen? Is this the view of the new “American Dreamer”? Is this the view of all people of this earth?

The “gray tsunami” will take up tremendous resources going forward but, if we reduce the benefits of social security, medicare & medicaid the sacrifice of this group will be justified. Right? What do you think? How old are you? Will you be OK to be left to starve when you run out of resources?

I believe I need to use the resources available to me and perpetuate the welfare of those less fortunate, through no fault of their own, by ensuring their basic physiological needs are met and they die of natural causes. But is this a reasonable attitude?

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