The Park Street Condo, 75th & Anderson Condo & The Hillside Estate

Among our many talents and “jack of all trade” characteristics we have also developed a following which has displayed great faith in us. That being absentee landlords and folks who need their properties watched over on a temporary bases. Having owned property and having tried to manage it from a distance; to many things happen that cause alarm and end up being nothing. But, in the mean time throwing money at the incident is about the only solution for owners. Whether it be a leaky faucet due to an outdoor faucet not being turned off completely or a popped circuit breaker due to the curling iron, hairdryer and lighted make up mirror all plugged into one receptacle. It is easy to just call the landlord and have him/her deal with it. Of course holding up the rent in the mean time is a huge lever. To have a renter that not only can troubleshoot the issue but fix it also is seldom, if ever, seen.

The best thing to do is to have a local property manager that can go and evaluate the circumstance immediately. There are many other benefit to having a local property manager and that includes a flat monthly tax deductible fee, preset periodic inspections, providing access to service folks, built in handyman services and of course security. The security for absentee homeowners and the peace of mind having reputable and insured agents like ours help keep the properties occupied and the equity growing due to the improved maintenance and inspections.

The average length of contracts are 3-5 years but we have properties that we have managed for more than twenty years. With the global economy asking top level mangers to go put out fires or develop new business in all parts of the world it is refreshing to know there is someone available to protect your permanent resident or your most valuable investments. Standard fees can vary but 10% of the average monthly rental fee is a good place card. (Actual repair services are billed separately but reduced labor cost can be negotiated within the agreement). We operate on the Kansas side of the Kansas City Metropolitan market but some crossover into Missouri is possible depending on the exact location of your property. We invite you to give us a call and talk to one of our agents on the type of coverage you may require or find most appropriate to your situation. Please call 913-499-1803 or write We also do text 913-269-4450 and or tweet @Bodoflo All profits go to HPLA Charities.


Robert Flores

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