2021 Second Quarter

Does it seem like we just watched the ball drop in New York City and here we are working on the last month of the first quarter of 2021. Time is moving so fast for me right now. On March the 8th, 2021 HPLA Charities or officially Habitaciones Para Latinos Association will begin its 6th year in business and officially complete five full years of helping people who are hurting through no fault of their own. It is important to note that at the time this organization was but an idea of trying to do something good; money was not a road block. How the work would get done that needed to get done; would get done was not a road block. Today, five years later those potential roadblocks are still not roadblocks. Why is that? For me that is an easy answer. Love. Pride. Thankfulness. Being Human and Being Blessed is the answer. If there had never been one dollar donated to HPLA there would still be people who are hurting getting help. Yes, there would still be people who do wondrous things for other people still doing good works.
For me I see the goodness of people everyday almost every minute of everyday. Not because its their job or because there is fear in your lives; it is simply for Love, Pride, Thankfulness, Being Human and recognizing how blessed we are.
The school bus stops at our corner everyday that the school is opened and the bus driver patiently waits while each passenger comes on or gets off the bus. Making sure the foot is on the brake and/or all other safety precautions and procedures are in place under this scenario. Ask anyone of those drivers why they are so cautious? In most every case it will be because they love those kids and could not bare to see anyone of them getting hurt. Oh there is always that out of the ordinary story of maliciousness. There are bad people, bad kids out there. It is hard to see kids who are shy and poor take advantage of an opportunity to swipe a trending toy but even kids who have everything will do wrong. It took getting caught one time stealing some fresh corn out of a field and being forced to show up at the local police department with my Mom to teach me that taking something that did not belong to me was not right. I was 11 years old. Thank God it only took just once for me. But watching a kid stealing a few ears of corn compared to seeing a someone losing blood from an injury or shivering from the cold is a very different trauma. Very few people will just walk away from that scene. And they don’t. There are those who run to the danger not away from it.
But to that point, the needs are great and the people who are hurting are not always in plain sight nor do they want to be known. We have homeless folks in Kansas who are just fine living on the street and doing what they can to survive. I can respect that until they find themselves in a situation they didn’t expect and are now hurting badly. They seem to always accept help then. Organizations are out there who want to be there and who sacrifice daily to do all they can. These organizations will be out there with or without your help but, I can tell you that when there is a busted pipes and the water cannot be turned on without repairing the pipe it is miraculous for someone to walk up and say here is money to buy whatever you need to fix that pipe. It is miraculous to do that more often than not because of the generosity of others. We received thousands of dollars in donations at HPLA. We pray one day it will be millions but for now every dollars we receive is used to do all we can do. We have folks who are waiting for someone to help them stop a leaky faucet. We have folks who are using cardboard to cover up a drafty window. We have a kitchen faucet that is loose on the sink and letting water run into the pantry below. We work as quickly as we can to get to the problem and take care of it. It takes time, money and fellow citizens to make it happen.
You can help by donating a small portion of your earnings. Will you help by giving a few hours of your time? Will you help by offering up prayers for the success of HPLA and the survival of those who are hurting until we get to them? Will you give an older person a reason to want to stay in their home and be a blessing to others.
There are donate buttons on this site and there are mailing addresses to send your financial support or you can call 913-269-4450 in Kansas City Metro area to volunteer. It is essential for all of us to try to come together for the sake of our sanity and our survival. I have seen “what goes around comes around” and I am sure you have also. Be blessed or be a blessing. I pray both will happen for you. Thank You from HPLA Charities

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