Celebrating Juneteenth a New National Holiday & July 4th Independence Day

Well, while I diligently tried to type out a great story about this historic last minute decision to create a National Holiday in our USA, my editor decided it didn’t like what I wrote and dumped all my hard work. So I will start again and add to it that we are coming up on our countries 245th anniversary. Another National Holiday. This one based on 1776 as being the official year of our nations birth. There has been few countries which have lasted this long and it appears the “Constitution” has held firm with a few amendments. If you find fault with these words please know the editor program took away my brilliant wordsmith ability 🙂

Seriously though, talk and actions have led me to believe some folks are not happy with where we are and are doing all they can to make corrections. My intention is not to discuss party or politics but simply to show the huge divide between the schools of thought which go into today’s management of democracy. Management of our Republic. Management of our lives. While the occupants of our great Nation differ in their thinking of what is best; I am shocked at several things. I will go from the sublime to the ridiculous in my example. From the far left to the far right there are significant differences some of which folks from the right are willing to kill folks on the left and vice-versa. From where I sit I look to a divine power and beg for GOD to please bring peace and tranquility to all people.

I believe in God almighty creator of heaven and earth. Unfortunately there are those who do not believe in creation but that we have all evolved over millions of years. To each his own but in all seriousness; have we not evolved to a point where-by life has greater value? I believe every life matters and more importantly each one of us should believe this truth too.

For those of you who patronize me and follow my stories you know they always turn to the folks, your neighbor and mine who are hurting through no fault of their own. As Chairman of HPLA Charities aka Habitaciones Para Latinos Association, I deal with folks daily who fall victim.

This week we received excessive rains that flooded a homes basement. Hundreds of dollars in belongings were lost and displaced the family for several days. Another had a roof leak due to a poorly design roof installation causing leaks into a kitchen. Gutters not properly cleared flooded a living room and showered an exterior entrance to a home making it very difficult to get in with groceries, kids and pets in tow. Loss of Freon on this holiday weekend left a family hot and suffering. No hand rails in a tub left an 84 year old screaming for help after trying to exist her bath and falling on top of her toilet. Show me animals left helpless and I’ll so you humans just as helpless.

As we stand proud of the all our freedoms please take time to seek out those who are less fortunate. So many are to proud to ask for help because someone told them everybody has to do for themselves. That is true to a point but it should not cost you pain or death. Call us please; we can help. We do it with donations and volunteers. Many times it requires contractors who won’t do it for free but, will maybe discount their normal fees. We are very grateful for them and encourage others to use them. But know we use your donations carefully and honestly, always to help those who are hurting through no fault of their own. http://www.hplacharities/donate We need you to help us help others. We do home repairs on all systems. God Bless the USA.

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