Hispanic Heritage Month 9-15 to 10-15-2021

It is not surprising that the Hispanic, Latino, Latinx cultures are at the forefront of the news. This is Hispanic Heritage Month. The recognition of the culture has been long overdue and I salute President Ronald Reagan for signing it into law in 1988 & George H.W. Bush the first President to declare the 31 days beginning on September 15th as Hispanic Heritage Month.The term ‘WOKE’ has been tossed around in these stressful and divided times but by my definition, the alert to injustice in society, especially racism has been in play for decades if not centuries. I want to emphasize one particularly silent sleeper that was ‘WOKE’ in 1929. Three separate groups came together who had separately and publicly pointed out racism and discrimination of the Hispanics. Much, like the tale of slavery of our black brothers, so too was the life of Hispanic or more specific the Mexican culture. (La Matanza and the Hora de Sangre (“Hour of Blood”)) was a period of anti-Mexican violence in Texas, including lynchings and massacres, between 1910 and 1920. The three organizations that melded in one is today known as the League of United Latin American Citizens aka LULAC. www.lulac.org The organization has worked hard to do all it can to provide scholarships to Latino students but has also made every effort to mentor the future leaders of our counties, states, and country. Today’s Hispanic, Latino, Latinx students will be Governors, Representatives, Senators & US Presidents of tomorrow. We are proud to be Americans. The founding fathers of LULAC were all World War 1 Veterans and English was the declared language of the membership.This said, I am proud to announce that LULAC Council #11085 has been organized in Shawnee Mission, Ks. and officially recognized by the state & the national councils as an official arm of the organization. We are home-based in Shawnee Mission but our membership is from all parts of the KC Metro. No social media has been established yet but I know that an exceptional and savvy individual will step up to fill the vacancy and be a fellow officer. In closing, so much credit has to be given to our own veteran Rudy Padilla ‘President’ along with Maria Christina Herrera ‘Vice-President’.I will hold the office of Treasurer until a more experienced accountant can be found. I am honored to serve.Our council did participate in last weekend’s Fiesta Hispana 2021. Our gratitude goes out to our Charter Member Dr. Micheal Macias Jr. & wife Marci for providing a platform to initiate publicly our presence in Kansas City and the surrounding area. Please help us succeed as our first challenge will be to create a scholarship fund for qualified Latino students in our local schools. Fiesta Hispana helped us get started and we are so grateful for those that worked the booth but most importantly those who donated. Will you?


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